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Welcome to Adventure Knife Company!


With Adventure Knives, customer service and quality knives are always number one! It's that simple and we stand behind it. We are consumers also and our customers are the reason we exist, your are always treated with respect and trust!

The Adventure Knife Company was established because we know how much better and easier your life can be with the a quality knife and a great price!. Our goal is to provide you with leading knife companies with only products that we feel will make your like better. Adventure Knife does not want to overwhelm you with the confusion of sorting through an endless variety of knives and manufactures. We have chosen quality brands and knife that will make a difference in any situation.

Adventure Knife understands that a knife will make your life easier. That is why we started this company. Our customer that all ready have a pocket knife knows what we are talking about. Just keep this idea in mind and go about your normal day. We bet that you will experience a situation that you can say "I wish I had a knife". Wether it's an every day task from cutting open a package, making a repair on your car or getting out of a jam, a knife or multi tool on a camping, hunting or hiking trip, or cutting a fresh piece of fruit or vegetable, a knife will make your life's adventure easier.

Life is an adventure and when you think of knives, you think of Adventure Knives. Life can be hard these days but a good quality and affordable pocket knife, multi-tool knife, fixed blade knife or any type of knife will make you life easier and make many tasks much easier.

Adventure knives offers reliable, quality knives and tools for practically every day use. Whether it is camping knives, hiking knives, hunting knives, fishing knives or just everyday tasks, Adventure knives has a knife that can be a reliable tool for any project. Adventure Knives offers industry leading knife companies so you can rely on them when it counts. That is the Adventure Knife philosophy.

Adventure Knife was desgined with the small sporting shop in mind where you can come and get what you need paired with friendly service. That's what this company desires to bring to the Internet. So, browse around and/or drop an email. We love to hear from customers with comments. Please, send us your questions or comments and let us take care of you.

The Adventure Knife Company Team

Adventure knives 300 Hylan Drive STE 246 Henrietta NY 14420 PH 585-683-2388 We are located in USA